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UPDATE: Wishlist is now at (3)

Hi all - today we’re launching a new, more direct, and better-organized way for all of you to weigh in on and propose features you’d like to see us work on: the Webflow Wishlist. With this new system, you’ll be able to v…

Interaction presets are missing for Page Triggers (2)
Superscript / <sup> is missing from webflow editor (2)
"Affect different element" can only target the first style (2)
Editing a sub class within specific breakpoint (6)
Native linking to previous and next post or page using CMS ( 2 ) (21)
Can i use Multiple Map Locations with CMS? ( 2 ) (30)
Search functionality ( 2 3 ) (41)
Duplicating a class transfers all interactions to the newly duplicated class (3)
Parallax Scrolling (14)
Ability to use index as slug name for pages in folders (3)
JS Minifier for Webflow.js :) (7)
Feature Request - Minify / Compress Javascript (2)
Minify Javascript & Minify HTML (7)
Improvements to Navigator: Allow for full scroll and view of nested structures and classes (14)
Importing Content into Webflow CMS - Now Available with CSV Import ( 2 ) (28)
Exporting CMS based content ( 2 ) (28)
Additional Webflow Font Weights Unavailable In Google Font Selection (4)
Managing Color Schemes (6)
Color Swapping Feature: Global Swatches (10)
Color Swatches : more features and Global swatches (15)
Faster access to symbols (5)
Copy element(s) without CMS binding - a right click option (8)
Copy & paste from one Webflow site to another [Content Staging] (8)
Copy and paste between projects/window/tabs ( 2 ) (29)
Auto Generate Sitemap publish and unpublish (8)
Ability to set Name Attribute (8)
Login to with the forum login credentials (3)
RSS for (3)
Public Webflow Product Roadmap (4)