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1:1 Touch Sliders :)


Hey @callmevlad @PixelGeek @brryant

One day once the awesomeness of the CMS to be is complete, I think a wonderful addition would be 1:1 touch sliders.

Like Swiper:
I’ve implemented it before in webflow in an old project (1:1 movement aka it swipes with your finger as you drag just like on most touch screen interfaces).

Thanks for being awesome and for all of your incredible work! smile so stoked for the future of the Internet as you all are helping shape it and provide a platform for the world to design, rebuild and beautify it wink

Waldo smile


there are some variations on this as well that use velocity to allow a flick for quick navigation and slow 1:1 dragging as shown. It provides a nice blend of behaviors so that it doesn't feel labored for people who expect instant gratification wink

good suggestion @Waldo_Broodryk!