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100 Days of Web Design


Hello everyone!

I was recently introduced by Daily UI by @Waldo which will help you to become a much better designer in 100 days. Every day (excluding weekends) you will receive an email from Daily UI with a design prompt. smiley

You will interpret and design the UI element. Once you have finished, you can share it on Dribbble or Twitter tagging it with #dailyui and the number (#001). Users will then be able to give you feedback and you will improve your skills!

I'm doing it, @Waldo is doing it, @Arthur is doing it and we think you should to.

By the way, my personal site is:

Have a great day smiley

The best way to become a good freelance web designer

Great idea, I'm onboard, I love the concept, lets see if I can hold up my end smile


Cool, I followed one guy on Instagram that did this. Thanks for the link now I'm onboard as well =D

Hmm one should of course make a website and post the work there =)

Maybe even do it the UI in designer rather then in Sketch.


I'm finishing up my site for this project today and will be posting my work there and on Dribbble, Twitter & possibly Instagram as well. I'll post a link later on today. smile I am attempting to build everything out on Webflow for the project smile

Looking forward to seeing everyone's work/progress! smile

Waldo 😁😁😁


Are you using CMS for it or are going for a more ui kit thing?


Hey @jorn @daniel_cleayweb @Arthur & @MinewireNetwork I am so stoked about this challenge, and really excited to see what you all build!

I'm building everything in Webflow for this project and utilizing the CMS for my build:

Please all, share your links here, or be sure to tweet them/share on Dribbble. smile


Done with day #001

Day #002 is coming blush


Oh my, cant seem to find enough time. Made challenge 001 but didn't really finished my whole site for this yet. Also have different ideas how to execute this. One idea is to do a classic ui kit with all elements in the same design on the same page. Another is to just start with a blank mind and page for every challenge.

Great work so far @Waldo and @sabanna

Will post mine as soon I get my things together.


Thank you @jorn smiley I even created Twitter account because of this lol
Waiting to see your ideas alive smiley


Done with day #001


Looking forward to seeing yours @jorn and everyone else's smile so many possibilities and interpretations. I'll do my Day 2 one tonight. I'm trying to limit myself to 30-40 minutes for each one. So I let myself ponder on it throughout the day, pick an idea, and then implement it in Webflow smile


My day#2 blush


Day 2 smile


So here's my day one. I'm not sure if I'm happy with the site in whole but maybe one shouldn't take it to serious grin.

Little stressed that I haven't started with day 2 and 3 yet.


Ok Im a little late, Day 1

going for that minimal thing, hot daaaam


Day #003 is here

I am really having fun smile


Day #002, little behind schedule. But I'm catching up =)


For some reason I'm not getting the emails through, but been trying to keep up with this thread and get some stuff done when I get chance! I'm putting each day into my sandbox, so here's day 001 (scroll down a bit to see it). Decided to go clean and transparent. (p.s. there is a lot of unfinished experiments on there, work in progess!)

Absolutely love the idea of doing this btw, and very inspiring seeing everyones' outcomes!

Ta ra,


@jorn you just earned a lot of points in my book with that 42 wink Answer to Life the Universe & Everything.

Also, posted my little Day 3 Landing Page Challenge last night.
Live Link:

Had a little too much fun making a responsive iMac out of CSS and then adding a landing page to it. lol

Excited to have you on board @jamiesamman992 smiley It's a great challenge, and I know that we will ALL grow from doing this.

Great work all!



Jamie, check your spam or promotion folder, I am getting it like promotions.