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100vw Vimeo Background Video with 100% Height

How can I create a 100vw background video using a Vimeo embed, with a height that scales proportionally at 100%?

I’m taking the code from Vimeo’s Background Video article and I’ve found this tutorial that does a good job of explaining how to implement a video that’s 100vw and 100vh. However, I don’t want the latter.

I can very easily create this with the Video element and my Vimeo link (see this page of mine), but I need the embed so all controls are removed and it autoplays. The Vimeo embed doesn’t seem to react to styling for some reason unless it’s 100vw and 100vh. Super frustrating. Can anyone help?

Here is my site Read-Only:

I’m also looking for an answer to this. Any chance you found a solution?

No, and based on the lack of responses I don’t think anyone has a solution. It’s such an odd problem. I’ll post here if I find any further info.