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2-way communication - CMS and googlesheets?



  • I have no visuals yet since I've not created the site and trying to decide between wordpress and webflow.

1) Is it theoretically possible to do 2-way communication between Webflow's CMS and googlesheets?

2) Also, I have a specific page where I want the data to change dynamically such that there is a button/selector/dropdown above the page content, and the content that is shown changes depending on what is filtered via selecting a certain category in the drop down. Is this possible?

***It's ok if it needs to be coded




Yes this should be possible. The API docs state you can add/edit/delete CMS items via the API. Keeping the 2 copies in sync is another problem but you could do a get command first then edit and push back to Webflow from the G Sheet but watch the rate limit.

Your web page could be setup so that it uses the CMS content to dynamically changed based on the content you push through the API.


thanks @chiefmonkey !