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301 Redirect of #! pages (AngularJS)



our old website had been built using the MEAN stack. Thus, our URLs include #!.

Today, we launched our new site on Webflow and we are trying to set up the 301 redirects in order to keep the link juice.

Old URL:!/folder/99
New URL:

We are using the custom domain option. When setting up the redirect, I get the error message that: "Path can only contain alphanumeric characters, as well as the following characters: ".", "_", "%", "+", "&", "/"."

Escaped fragments doesent work as well.

How dows the redirect work?

Thanks a lot!



Hi @michael, our redirect feature does not support #! characters yet. I can check with the team though and see if there is something that can be done about this. I will get back to you smile



Hi @cyberdave, that would be great.

As the old URL directly lead to the new front page (and don't lead to the 404 page), I have no clue how to get the old URLs out of the google index.




Hi @michael , on the old urls removal, you can check this document:

On the other information, will try to get some info on this during our normal support hours 9am-6pm PST.



Hi @cyberdave,

thanks for the link. The removal tool - as far as I know - works quite well for "normal" urls but there are some issues with hashbang-urls. Thats why I was trying to avoid it .. wink

Is there an option to set a 301 on the escaped fragments, e.g.

This seems to be the prefered option for most people using hashbangs, but the Webflow Interface won't accept the "?".

Cheers, Michael


Hi @michael, I totally understand smile

I will need to clarify this with the dev team. I will get back to you on this.

For the moment, that is not supported to use the escaped fragments, but I need to check on this, and I will do that smile Cheers, Dave


Hi @cyberdave,

that sounds perfect.

It would be great to have a option to do 301 redirects on either #! URLs or escaped_fragments .. or alternatively edit the own .htaccess (like you can edit the robots.txt).

Thanks a lot!



Hi @cyberdave,

did you already get an response from your dev team?

Thanks a lot!



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Hi @michael, I did check this out and for technical reasons, the limitation to the existing redirect url format is going to stay in place, so using those special characters and escaped fragments is not supported at the moment and is not going to change yet.

Sorry about that. I will keep and monitor this as a wishlist item and try to get this changed in a future update. Cheers, Dave


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