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301 redirect to remove a trailing slash?


Slightly tricky SEO + 301 redirect question here.

Before moving to Webflow, my main pages were always named index.php, sitting inside a directory. So when people would link to these pages, they would use a URL like this:

(Because this is what appears in the address bar.)

Since moving to webflow I have set my pages up like this:

If someone visits the old URL structure they are automatically redirected to the new URL structure. I haven't had to set up a 301 redirect to make that work. I'm assuming Webflow removes the trailing slash automatically.

Question is: How? Is it being 301 redirected to the no-slash version?

One of my pages that has held a #1 SEO ranking for years and years and years has suddenly dropped a number of positions, and one of my theories is that the great many links I had pointing to that page are suddenly pointing to a non-existent page.

I have attempted to set up a 301 redirect from /monkeys/ to /monkeys, but since /monkeys/ is a directory on my webflow site, it's not letting me do that.

I've also attempted to escape that trailing slash, and set up a 301 redirect from /monkeys%/ to /monkeys, but when the redirect is accepted by webflow, that trailing slash is not showing up in the redirect.

So to reiterate my meandering questions:

1) How is a page with a trailing slash redirected to a non-slash version of the page in the backend? Is that a 301 redirect?

2) Is it possible for me to 301 redirect a page with a trailing slash to a page without a trailing slash, when that page with the trailing slash is the same name as a directory on my site?


I am having the same issue.

Did you get an answer?

I rebuilt an entire site for a client in webflow.

The old site has a trailing backslash and the new site on webflow does not.

I want to make sure I don't loose any SEO