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3D layered effect on interactions 2.0


Hey there, I’m currently having issues recreate this effect in Webflow. I’m working with the this tutorial : but the video uses legacy interactions

I’m currently using while scrolling in view interaction on a section, you can see my page here :

it’s on page titled : Animation Practice, section: D iso

My current issue is that the objects don’t appear to move on the z-axis when my animation reaches 100% key frame. if you guys have time, can you help me figure this one out.


We just posted a related tutorial here:

Does that help?


it helped a bit, I believe I was able to stage my component better, I still can achieve this layered effect however.

I’m currently adjusting the distance on the z-axis and the div blocks just seem to spread on the x & y axis, instead of move on the z-axis