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3x3 Grid isn't lining up using my CMS fields

Hey guys …

I am trying to put together my portfolio and I want to use a 3 across grid on my main project page. But the problem is they’re not lining up in a 3x3 grid completely - some of them are on their own line by themselves. I am not sure what’s causing this as I’ve tried everything I can think of - i even tried a 1x1 grid and something was funny

The content is coming in through an airtable document via zapier if that helps anyone troubleshoot

Here is my public share link:

Hi @starweaver Catherine,

I created a little video for you to show you how to get a proper layout for 3x3 Grid or any layout of grid with collections.



@WebDev_Brandon YOU ROCK. all fixed. Now on to your other vid. Thats the last thing I gotta get handled then I can finally stop working on this and call it done!

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