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404 page not showing collection data


I have a 404 page - it's working fine except for the footer has a news feed using the cms - it's coming up as "No items found."

When i go to the 404 page it works fine. However, if I got to another page that doesn't exist the news feed doesn't work

The footer is a symbol and is the same footer throughout the whole website and works as expected on all other pages - it also works perfectly for the 404 page in the webflow environment also..

Here's my site link


Hi @Diarmuid_Sexton due to the special treatment 404 pages get in our hosting infrastructure, collection data will not be rendered on 404 pages. I'd suggest you remove all dynamic data from your 404 page as this is unsupported behavior that we will soon prevent you from performing in the designer.


Thanks @brryant.

I'll fix the page up then to reflect that.

All the best,


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