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404 with Link on Published site

Hi again,

links in the main Navigation work fine in the designer. On the published site they seem to be broken and generate a 404 Error. I’ve unpublished the site, deleted caches, relinked, renamed Sites and relinked but the a re still broken.


In the browser the url linked to is wrong. There is a subfolder added wich leads to a none existing site.

heres a link to test:


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @Daniel_Johari

Thanks very much for posting about this issue!

It looks like I’m seeing the same error on this end with your site, although I’m unable to reproduce in a new site.

I’ve reported the issue to our team and we’re looking into this further now. I’ll post back here when I have more details.

As a workaround for now, you can manually input the links like this:

Hi @Daniel_Johari

While looking into the issue, we noticed your navlink was updated to be a dropdown and the issue seems to be resolved.

Are you still seeing the behavior on your end?

​Thanks in advance.

Hi @Daniel_Johari

We also were able to find the error here.

The URL is being given that extra slug because you have an href-prefix set. This is a super niche feature that useful if you are reverse-proxying a site to a subfolder on the target site. However, it shouldn’t be used if you are using webflow hosting.

As a result of setting this, the link to /new-jobs-data-science is re-written to new-jobs/new-jobs-data-science - which does not exist on the site, so we 404.

Hope this helps!

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