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A better / free way to connect Webflow & Hubspot

Great question @macbleser! Here’s how you can handle nested form fields like dropdowns or radio buttons.

Radio buttons:

  • The Contact Property Name on Hubspot would be the Group Name on Webflow
  • The Internal Value for each option on Hubspot would be the Choice Value on Webflow

So in the example you shared, Group Name = what_is_your_annual_revenue_ and Choice Value = less_than_1m. You would use the same Group Name for each radio button in that question and just change the Choice Value.

The text that needs to be displayed to the user (<$1M) would just be typed into the radio button’s label.


  • The contact property name on Hubspot would be the name of the select element on Webflow
  • The internal value of each option on Hubspot would be the value for each choice on Webflow

Webflow does not allow checkboxes with custom values (Add CheckBox Values to Forms for) so the multi checkbox field on Hubspot can’t be mapped / connected to Webflow checkbox elements. Dropdowns (Select elements) that allow multiple choices would be the closest alternative.

If you have specific issues/questions as you implement this, feel free to reach out to as well.

Hello @elijah,

Thank you so much for sharing this tool with the community. On question I have though is, can we connect multiple websites with the same vimkit account? I am asking because I will probably use vimkit for a couple of clients, so I want to know if I need to open one account for each client or would I be able to connect two different webflow sites to two different hubspot accounts on one vimkit account? or would I need one vimkit account for each client? Thanks.

@Pablo_Cortes you can have multiple Webflow sites and Hubspot accounts on the same Vimkit account :smiley:

You’ll see an “Add Website” button on the top nav once you have logged in to add multiple Webflow sites. To connect multiple Hubspot accounts, click your profile icon on the top right -> Choose “Integrations” on the popup menu -> Click “Add Integration” on the top nav.

If you have questions/need help setting up multiple Webflow sites / Hubspot accounts, feel free to reach out to anytime.

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Ok great, thank you very much @elijah