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A simple or stupid question concerning interactions and CMS listS


Hi, as a beginner with webflow, i’m asking the following question :
Why interactions cannot be made between two different collection lists without using custom code?

It came from my experience by using webflow :
There is 2 elements :

  1. I established a table of content (TOC) at the left of my page which is connected to the collection list A,
    Note : each item of TOC has buttons in order to call functions interacting into item itself OR interact with element 2, element 2 has nearly the same buttons but for different purposes

  2. I displayed at the right of my page detailed stuff which is contained in the colllection list A too.

Why doing this way : to simply get on one side the TOC, and on the other hand the other stuff, in a separated overflow.

BUT, by doing this, interactions between both elements (1,2 : which are connected each respectively to the same collection list A) aren’t working so far.
(If you like, ask me preview or screenshots)
Note : the preview link is built with unseparated collection list.

Thank you for answers, and don’t get upset :hugs:

Here is my public share link :