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Ability for clients to change SEO & Open Graph Meta Info for Static Pages


is it possible to have dynamic open graph fields for normal pages and "home" page? Not all pages are collections. Clients need to change pages like "home" too.


New feature: Dynamic SEO and Open Graph settings

Hi @biodust, that is a great question. At the moment, those need to be changed and updated in the designer for static pages. I have turned your question, into a wish list item :slightly_smiling:


Thanks, @cyberdave, this would be another great feature for the webflow platform :slightly_smiling:


Agreed. This is an important feature that I hope can move from the "wishlist" into production sooner than later.


We're actively working on this one so stay tuned!


I agree that this would be a very useful addition. It will allow some of the more basic SEO changes to be done by other members of our team or our clients themselves.