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Ability for forms NOT to submit data if a checkbox is not ticked


Hey hey Webflow!

Quick one for this site:

We have a checkbox: “Keep me updated via email” etc. stating that if they click it, they will get emails (via MailChimp).

However, how do I add a condition so that if it’s NOT ticked, they will not be added to the list etc.?



Heya Webflow team, long time!!

Any update on this one? Still not able to do much about the issue... :frowning:


Hey Johnnymitch,

I think this is what you mean:


Hope this helps!



Hey @DharmaNode thanks for the reply!

So, half way there!

It's not required, though.

It's this page:

See we have a tick box saying "Keep me updated with Collective Campus news, events and workshops"

All that we want to do is NOT add people to MailChimp is they un-tick the box...



Aha, i see what you mean.

I think that indeed needs some custom code. However, I have no idea how to do this :confused:
Hope someone else will be able to help you!



Thanks anyway for the help Michael, I'll have to try figure out some custom way to do it... really wish there was a native way within Webflow! But hey, I can't complain.


Well, maybe not complain, but if you post on Wish List, other users can chime in. :grin:

The Webflow team is great at responding to user feedback on the Wish List by integrating new features that satisfy (and often exceed) feature requests!


Yeah definitely making sure I don't get into complaining mode, as Webflow is truly beast!!

I'll add it to the Wishlist, thanks for pointing that out :smile: