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Ability to delete items from collection using a button within a dynamic list


I've created a collection which I show in my website using a DynamicList. I now created a "delete" button on the items with which I want to enable to users to delete the item. Is this possible with WebFlow?

Since this is for demonstration purposes only, it would be even better if I could hide the item so that it appears again on refreshing the page.

Any ideas how I could do this?


Hi @kramer65, at the moment, the only way to delete items is through the Collection Data manager UI in the designer, which the designer has access to, or the CMS Panel Editor which a collaborator or the designer has access to.

It is not yet possible to delete an item from a dynamic list or a button put on a page. Probably not the answer you want to hear, but this sounds like a good item for the Wish List. I have converted this to a wish list item now.


Thanks for the answer @cyberdave . Is it also not possible to hide the item on click instead of deleting it?


Yes you can do this using interactions.


@samliew - Thanks for that. I can indeed use that to hide elements on click. But as far as I now see, this doesn't work within Dynamic Lists. Is that true, or is it actually possible within Dynamic lists and am I missing something?


Hi @kramer65, interactions should work fine for items within a dynamic list. Could you create a new post about this and make sure to provide screenshots of the elements, plus the read-only link?


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