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Ability to point a domain/subdomain to a specific Folder/Page in Webflow


Hi guys,

I have a custom domain purchased for a webflow site. Now I'd like to have a subdomain that points to a folder or a page that's within webflow. How do I do that properly?

e.g. domain is - this should point to
or - this should point to

Assuming I've already made pages/folders within webflow wt the 'campaign' or 'anniversary' slug. How do I go about creating that subdomain to point to those pages/folder?

Do I have to add a CNAME record in my domain provider's Domain Management? Then pointing it to exactly the URLS I wrote above?

Not really in this topic: but related... What if my subdomain were to point outside of webflow?

Webflow project mapped to an external domain's path with reverse proxy

I don't think Webflow allows you to have subdomains point to a certain page.

What you can do however, is to point your domain to cloudflare then manage subdomain redirection there. You can also point subdomains to another server or hosting, like what I'm doing with my website (Webflow) and blog (Wordpress).


Thanks @samliew. But that's such sad news. :frowning:

Got two questions:
1. When you're doing that, your records are set differently than the default I reckon? Care to share how you set that up?
2. Does Cloudflare manage it differently than a typical domain management?

Really appreciate the help, Sam!

@webflow, really?


Yes, domain is pointed to Cloudflare instead of Webflow directly. My blog is then pointed to my server, and domain name is pointed to Webflow. You can also set up email for your domain using Google Apps or your own server.

After doing this, you can set up redirects using the "Page Rules" tab in Cloudflare.


Hey Sam, I think my current service provider offers sufficient control of DNS Management (paid service). So that interface looks familiar.

What Webflow recommends we do is to have these records:
‍A Records: & CNAME Record:

Yours excludes:
1. the the secondary A Record ( - I guess this one's optional? Why?) and
2. the CNAME ( - instead you use A Record for www - is this the major difference?).

Do you do #2, so that you can add other A Records (e.g. blog) that points elsewhere outside of webflow? I guess pointing outside of webflow is gonna be 'easy' then. But still sad that we can't do a subdomain point to within webflow's page/folder.

And yea, I have set up google apps for my email - that's straight forward enough :) Coz we'll change mx records, etc. Doesn't touch the A Records.

  1. the the secondary A Record ( - I guess this one's optional? Why?)
    That's a fallback, which is optional.

  2. the CNAME ( - instead you use A Record for www - is this the major difference?).
    I'm not sure about this, but it works for me.

The problem with using your domain name registrar, is that you cannot redirect from a subdomain directly to a URL. You still need Cloudflare for this.

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