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Ability to put content in Folder and have it be a page and a folder


Hi! I think this new Folders feature is great. But there's a problem.

Say I have a page named «website1» inside folder «web»:, and it looks just fine.

But I also need to show the list of my works. This is what I get if I try to create a page named «web» inside folder «web»:

Am I missing something? Is there a way to make, and work all together?

upd. Example of hierarchy I'm trying to achieve:

Creating subfolders

This has been asked a few times here I think but at the moment it's not possible I'm pretty sure.


Hi @pjs, thanks for the post. At the moment, you would need to use separate slug names for page or folder on the same level. Basically, you cannot use a folder path to display page content, you would need to create a new page under the folder. We will be changing this soon though to allow for content to be added at the folder level smile I hope that helps smile Cheers, Dave


+1. That will be very welcome!

Would be a first nice move to build a "static blog" with Webflow.


@cyberdave holding you to it!

Keep up the great work Webflow!



any update regarding this feature? timeframe?

thank you and keep up the good work!!


Would love to see this feature implemented.


Would be perfect!!! grinning


The real problem with the current situation is that if you previously had a page and then replace it with a folder by the same name, then the page still seems to be being pulled when the old slug is typed... I cannot remove the page because Webflow already thinks it's gone!

EDIT: Ideally, for the time being, why not make it that the folder slug redirects to a page within the folder if it is named something particular e.g. 'main' or 'index'?


@vincent @guihnz @Aperion @alexi @Marxamus @michael

Today I've tried to create folder having existing page with the same name—and it worked. Thanks!