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Ability to select multiple elements in Canvas or Navigator


Hey Guys. Sorry if I missed this topic elsewhere in the forum. I did search.

Looking for a way (or proposing a feature) to be able to select multiple different elements and update their styles at once.



If these elements have the same class you can refer to this class and change it's properties. So far selecting multiple elements is not possible within Webflow. But I'm sure they'll implement it since this is the requested feature wink


Sure yes. But I'm just looking for an quick way to change styles on multiple different element's classes. Looking forward to the feature....



Hi @sean, thanks for the suggestion! We're definitely looking at implementing this in the future.


Awesome. Thanks. I think it would be a great productivity enhancement.


I agree 100%. This would be a huge time saver, especially when you're trying to experiment with different looks/styles. Thanks for bringing it up, @sean.


I would have expected this improvement made with the navigator update released some days ago.


I forgot to mention that multiple selection would make it possible to copy/paste/cut many elements at once, too. That's arguably more important than the styling aspect.


That would be awesome too, multiple elements


I want this feature too! For a start it would be nice to have an ability to select multiple items and just assign them a class. Even this will save a lot of time.


Yeah. Does this functionality present with today's webflow? and how?


Yes, bring it on, please. Would make the creation of multiple prototype options much faster.


@sean I think you should add a wishlist tag to your post. This is definitely a huge necessity going forward, and will be a huge timesaver. Any update @callmevlad?


Any update on this feature request yet?


Years go by... will it take 2 more years to see this feature available??

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