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Ability to set Name Attribute


When there's more than one submit button, its name property must be assigned for the server to know how to which one was clicked. I did not find this property on the properties page and could not add it as custom - "already exists".

Thanks in advance

press on demo link
press on scheduled reports in the top nav bar
scroll down to the bottom of the form you'll see two buttons - save and
delete. if you view source you'll see their tags dont have name properties.
I need to be able to set those properties on such buttons.



Hi can you show me the html code of what you need to achieve?



I'm not able to find a solution for this.

@cyberdave could you have a look at this? If "name" is a custom property then yes it's difficult to add it as custom, as you get the red "Reserved name" label.


Add name="save" to one submit input submit tag, name="delete" to the other submit input tag

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Any word on this? also, why do I get mails on every other bug too? I
searched for the settings to change this but did not find it.


Hi @lior11,

Thanks for pointing this out!

Currently the name attribute is a reserved attribute:

I went ahead and created a Wishlist Idea for this as a feature. I think it would be an awesome feature to have and it is something you can vote for.

Let me know if you have any other questions around this :slight_smile:



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