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Absolute Position inconsistent across browsers


Hi there,

I've got a design that works full well when I'm on Chrome on my laptop. The desired effect and how it shows in Chrome on my laptop is below:

At full screen size:

At smaller size:

As soon as I use a different browser or try to use my phone to view the site, the position of the Macbook image appears in a different spot (shown below). Anyone have any clue why?


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Try giving the MacBook image positioning as follows:

Make sure to change it's z-index to be less than the video. When I previewed the site, it worked just fine. I am working in Safari.

I did not check how everything works on mobile, but you should be able to sort things out from here. Let me know if you need any more help.


Thanks a ton, joshalo3. I was able to make it work with that fix!


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