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Access Denied Image


Just wondering but is there a way to change the background image that is on the Access Denied page?



Hi @Christopher_Rivers

You can change the background and the whole layout of the Password page by accessing the page in the Pages panel. See here:

​Hope this is helpful.


@AnnaKelian Thank you for sharing that simple and yet profound detail of information.

Has anyone ever created some different looks for this page? Could you share a screenshot?



This page? You can customize it however you want (except removing the form)

I can't view screencast videos for some reason.


@samliew yes that page. I would love to see how other people have changed the look of this page. I'm interested in several other things as well:


  1. Have you used your brand to make the page look different? Please take a screen shot and share your design.
  2. Do you utilize a Password page? Do your clients find it is useful?
  3. Have you run into any issues using Password page?

Thanks guys! Just looking to get some feedback in this area.


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