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Access the auto-generated ID of a CMS item

Happy new year everyone!

The title says it all: I can definitely access it using an outside server, such as the following image:


However, I need a way to access it from the designer in order to use it in the front-end. Example:


Anyone from the Webflow team knows if there’s any API that allows me to access the auto-generated ID for a given collection item?


Ps: @cyberdave @webdev … I’m @ing you guys in case you know of something! Thanks

@Jeandcc - You could copy the value shown in the designer when editing a cms item (BOTTOM) and place it into a new field in that collection, then it would be accessible. Happy New Year.

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Hey Jeff! Thanks for that! I actually considered doing that and I might do it as my last option. I just felt that it was a bit too “manual”. I didn’t really want the client doing that kind of manual work.

Nevertheless, thank you so much!