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Accidentally Exempt from Taxes, What to do next?

I have a product that has been selling while its tax class was unknowingly set to Exempt.

I’ve worked out what the sales tax SHOULD have been…I think, but not what to do after. How do I correct the record? Do I pay Tax Jar?

If anyone happens to really understand taxes I could use a hand making sure my calculation is making sense.

Missing Sales Tax =(total sale + total shipping) 0.1025

Missing Sales Tax =
6.25% Illinois State
1.75% Cook County
1.25% Chicago (City)
1% Special District

So I need an output for each of these, for each order. And then what?

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This is resolved, please close this thread.

Why the sales put in tax? Don’t understand what there is mean tax 6.25% Illinois State? What 1% Special District?

Those are all the taxes that show up in the tax breakdown for our store, based in Chicago, Illinois.

Oh it is very crazy tax!