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Account plan vs site plan

Hi everyone, I am new to this webflow service. I basically need to create a site to house my portfolio and work. Also, I need certain projects to have password protection on them. I created a landing page but ran out of pages because of the free trial. I’m not sure what plan am I suppose to get. I don’t want to purchase the wrong one. I have a domain from Squarespace I want to transfer over to google domains. I would like to use that domain. I’m confused about which one to buy in terms of account vs site plan. I am not trying to pay a high monthly either just for a simple site that has multiple sections. Can someone please explain the difference between the two?

I basically need what is a recommendation for my use in terms of creating this type of site that is not a business-oriented site.

Please help!

@zippyqluix an account plan is what you need to use webflow. You’ll be fine on a free plan.
A site plan is your hosting. Al least, that’s the easiest way to think about it :slight_smile:.

Paid account plans include features geared towards those who have several websites or build websites for clients.

A basic site plan will be the best fit. Unless you’re planning on having a blog, then you’d need a cms plan.

This allows you to have your own domain name, the one you got at squarespace, and several pages. I don’t know the limit off the top of my head but maybe 50?

That should be plenty for a portfolio site.

I’d say, it’s going to be easier for you to get a CMS plan, though. That way, you can add different projects as ‘collection items’. The same way you’d add a new ‘blog’ on squarespace and add your projects there.

It depends but that’s usually easier than individual pages for each project. This allows you to reference the projects on other projects as well. The same way you’d use ‘carrousel’ etc on squarespace.

let me know if you’ve got more questions :slight_smile:

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