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Active menu help within webflow


I may have posted this in the wrong section last night so here goes again.

I am trying to build this feature within webflow

I have already run into a problem

  1. Unable to use a list item as a link

<ul id="top-menu">
<li class="active">
<a href="#">Top</a>

If anyone has some code experience on how to implement this active menu, based on scroll could you please lend me a hand, been busting this for a few hours and nothing seems to be working.



Hi @bwalls1992, are you trying to accomplish this?


Hi @cyberdave I am! THis is exactly what i want
How did you do this sir??! Custom code im guessing as i saw no interactions?

Thanks for responding too dave


It's not custom code, each section has a page id and then you just need to point each navlink to a section. :slight_smile: