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Add a clickable website link to my linked lightbox widget



How do I add a clickable website link into the caption of one of the images in my linked lightbox widget?




Appears lookers but no answers because there currently is no way :stuck_out_tongue:...then how about, is there a tutorial on how to create a linked lightbox that will enable one to add a linked caption...maybe the code to create a linked lightbox? Come on guys, please help me out here...I need to look professional and like I know what I'm doing to potential clients, even if it is only partially the case. Ha!




Hi @nathanphilsteele,

I believe this has been answered previously at the following link:

The answer provided is as follows:
"Basically, the defaulted image that you get when you add the Lightbox, can be replaced with a Text Block too. So:

Drag in the Lightbox widget
Drag a Text Block into the Lightbox wrapper
Delete the defaulted image (unless you want to keep it)
Style the text block how you like!
In the Settings Panel for the Lightbox, you can add images and videos that will be seen when the user clicks on the text block."


Hi @micahryanhtml,

I'm not having any luck with that. I tried going to the video tutorial on the link you sent, but that appears to have been deleted.

Would it be possible to get and animated gif, showing how to resolve this?

Here's a better example:

Here are my updated links: - click middle thumb

Best and thank you,



Hi @nathanphilsteele,

Oh, I am sorry. I was mistaken in what I thought you were asking because it was a problem I was searching for.

You are asking how to make a link in the caption below the lightbox image clickable. I will continue looking into it, and see if I can find a solution.


I really appreciate it @micahryanhtml :smile:



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