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Add a logo layer to position on an image "billboard" on a webpage


Hi Webflow Family,

Can someone kindly advise me if there is a way in Webflow to have a logo positioned permanently on webpage image (billboard). There will be several images that will be added by the user however I need their logo / layer on top right of the image to reside on any sliding image.




I assume you're talking about a slider element, with slides images sliding under a permanent logo?

Yes it's possible.

The slider element has a structure like this:

       slide 1
       slide 2


So you need to give a class to the slider element itself, and make it position:relative.
Then you put your logo inside it, before the mask. Like this:

    logo img
       slide 1
       slide 2

You give the logo position:absolute and you position it. Its position will depend on the slider element. All the slides will roll under it.

And if you have the logo disappearing, give it z-index:10 or higher.

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