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Add and Update Live Item with Google Sheets

Hi everyone,
I was reading through the forum about Zapier integration that could help me update live items once a Google Sheets is updated but I’m a bit confused.

Here’s what I want to achieve: Create or Update live item every time Google Sheet add or update a row.

My plan:

  1. Add a row
  2. Create a Live Item
  3. Retrieve Live Item ID
  4. Update row with Live Item ID so I can reference it later
  5. Edit row
  6. Update item since I have a Live Item ID now

What I’m struggling with is #3 and #4

How can I actually retrieve Live Item ID with Zapier AND update the right row in Sheets?

I know I have to use API but a step by step help would be ideal or at least what kind of Zapier I have to use to get those two steps up and running.

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Hi, @skacperski! I’ll make a video for you this weekend to show you how to accomplish this!