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Add custom code in head in a specific page of articles

Hello Everybody,

I would like to add custom json code in the /head of an article page. Would it be possible ?

I have noticed that we can add custom code by clicking on “settings” for a CMS collection page but it will concern all my pages and I would like to do it only for one page of my collection page. I cannot use the embed element on that specific pageas it should be placed in the head section.

Thanks for your help

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Hello Louis,

If you have different json-code in function of the type your article,

  1. I suggest you to create a CMS collection with the name “json-code”, and put your custom code here.
  2. After, in your article settings CMS, link the reference JSON-CODE.
    3)And in your article template, add the field JSON-CODE in the head.

Otherwise if you have just on type of json code,

  1. Just create a new plain text in your article CMS settings with the name “json-code”
  2. In your article editors, and past your custom code in the “json-code” field
  3. And in your article template, add the field JSON-CODE in the head.

Thanks @Bilal_Harouchi for your reply,

Yes it works (it is what I did before your reply) but actually I need to have this JSON for all my articles in the collection list. It’s not the case currently, it only concerns some. Do you know how I could to
-display it only when that field is completed
-if it’s empty, remove the code in the head