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Add database interaction to webflow content


Hi people,

I’m new with webflow and I’m wondering if we can create a website that interacte with a database?

I want to create a website where people can log in and create content that will save in a database. So after that the website will show content from the database that the people will have update.

I have some back end coding experience with php.



Webflow is a design tool. You’ll need to export your website to integrate with a CMS that supports membership and linking posts/content to members/authors. Webflow doesn’t do that for you.

Webflow also do not provide support for third-party databases.

Since you mentioned that you know some PHP, I recommend Wordpress. These are some sites that I created in Webflow, exported, then themed with Wordpress. They support membership, multiple authors, etc.


For more details, please see ► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits


Hey so yes this is possible. I have a video cast series where I show how to set up Firebase user authentication with Webflow.

You can check out my post here which has links to everything.

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