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Add dynamic class name on collection lists

Hi :wave:

We’re currently trying to add a class name to each item within a collection list - this name needs to come from a field within the cms.

My understanding is to add a dynamic field name to collection list items required custom JS - is this something anyone has had success with?

The intention is to vary styling across the list items - I know people have achieved this through using multiple collection lists (e.g a collection list of featured items, followed by a list of standard items) but we’d like more control than that.

Any help appreciated!


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Here is some jQuery code that will do what you want. Read the comments in the code.

Here is a link to the code.

Thank you! Much appreciated.

For those with more interest:

Published Demo->

Note: This is only implemented on the home page.

Shared - >

Thanks Webdev.

Just testing an implementation combining with MixitUp dynamic filtering, which requires the addition of combo classes to act as category tags for each item being sorted. Works a treat so far:

Project is here if you’re interested: