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Add files as CMS fields - Only for Business Plans?


Hi Guys,

I just saw the newest Feature that allows you to add Files as CMS Files.
While I think this is an awesome Feature (eg. for Websites designed to share Files & Information with a Team/Clients), for me it is kinda rendered useless by the fact that it will only be available with the Business Hosting Plans.
So I just wanted to ask about the strategy behind this because I am slightly confused and disappointed.
You add all these amazing Features (Form file upload) but price them at $45 per website (+$42/month for the Webflow itself), even if one only uses 120 of the 10.000 CMS Items and 5.000 of the monthly Visitors.
Why not Make these so carefully crafted Services more accessible for Designers & Developer who are, I suppose, eager to use them?
I understand that uploading Files to a Website increases traffic a lot. But at the same Time I feel like there would be plenty of users (I, for one would be one) who would be interested in using these Features and Webflow Hosting in general but have so little traffic that it just doesn’t make any sense to Buy Hosting at $432 per Year, per Website.
By now (and especially once you Guys add native E-Commerce) Webflow is well on the way to easily being the most comprehensive and well crafted Webdesign -and development Solution out there.
But Webflow Projects need to be hosted with Webflow in order to unleash their full potential. Which is fine with me, having a centrally Managed & scalable Hosting Structure in Place is awesome!
But! Why not make it more accessible ?
Why not structure it so that for a monthly fee you can add multiple Websites (Domains) with all the CMS Features?
It doesn’t cost you much if a Website has little Traffic and once a Websites starts getting huge Traffic, I bet the Owner will be happy to add an additional Hosting Package to that particular Website/Domain that allows for Millions of monthly Visitors and tenthouthands of CMS Items.

So yea, just some Thoughts on that :slight_smile:

As I said, generally, Webflow for the Win! So much Potential! :webflow_heart: *note to self: start writing down all the ideas for wf UI/UX.




Hi @0nul – we’re glad you’re excited about the new CMS File Fields feature!

It’s actually available on ALL plans with CMS, not just the Business plan. So CMS, Business, and even Enhanced Staging (though there’s the 50 CMS Item limit there).

You might have confused this with the Form File Upload – which is only available on Business Hosting plans.

Hope that helps, and makes you feel better about this new release!


Oh Man… I read that wrong, my Bad!
I still feel the Hosting Plans could be improved :wink: