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Add or edit nav links in the Editor


I’m building my first webflow site for a client at the moment. And while I did a lot of “webflow studying” before starting, I am really surprised (and a little shocked) that there is no way to control the menu of a site via de CMS/editor.

Isn’t it very common to want you client to be able to add a page and then also add a link to it in de menu or submenu (dropdown)?

I know I can make a dynamic list with categories in a dropdown… but this doesn’t work for pages.

The only solution i can think of is making a collection with just links to the internal pages and let this appear via a dynamic list.
But this means that the client needs to manually add these links in the CMS… the full links, because you can only reference an internal page via a rich text field.

Not very ideal and a bit amateurish for a client…

Am I missing something here or should we all start begging webflow to make this easier? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!