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Added Folders - But old page still exists


I added folders to some of my pages and the old pages still exist and are coming up in Google Webmaster tools as duplicate content and Meta. I can't see the pages in my webflow portal and I really just moved them over to a new folder and worked on them since.

As you can see the pages are pretty much the same.. But the one with the folder has an additional / to the URL as well are more complete.

The only alternative I can think of to not have duplicate Meta in Google Webmaster Tools is to simply update the meta and title tags for the folder pages. Which Ideally I would rather not do. I would like to simply delete the old Non Folder URLS.

Please Advise.




Usually what works for me is to unpublish and republish your site (go to site settings)... Not sure if there's any other way...


@alanborger I am in Site Settings and I see a link to make private. I don't see anywhere I can unpublish and then republish Can you please navigate me to what you are talking about.




Looks like I figured it out and I think it worked. -Thank You


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