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Adding another row under a column



I have a row inside a container with two columns. I want to place to buttons under the column2 , but not inside the column 2.

I cant figure out how to insert to buttons under? Please help or give me a better solution :slight_smile:


Hi @dj_robbie,

Just add 2 divs on the Column 2.
Then you can add the text on the top div, and the buttons on the bottom one :slight_smile:

So basically it's like this:
-> Row

--->Column 1 (Image)

--->Column 2 (Div 1, Div 2)
------> Div 1 (text)
------> Div 2 (buttons)

Just imagine, boxes within boxes to organise your content :slight_smile:


@dj_robbie why don't you use flexbox?


I've been looking for that page @Anna_Kelian

I'm sure @dj_robbie will make use of it, it's very versatile and useful in webflow :slight_smile:


yes @IggsTP

If however, he's not into learning Flexbox, your answer might be what he's looking for.


Thanks for the answer! But when i place 2 DIVBLOCKS , it is placed verticaly and not horisontaly under the text.

Any way to arrange these?


Hi there!

Be sure to set the flex to column instead of row :slight_smile:


Ok, but in this case im not using the flex design. I just placed two divblocks inside the column 2. The display setting is on BLOCK.


Can you please share a read-only link?



Hi there,

It looks like the H1 containing the text is set to block, but column 2 is set to Flex.
Check out this quick GIF

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


WOW! Thank you very much! Awesom helping here in this forum. :slight_smile:


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