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Adding Custom Attributes to Webflow CMS List Items


I’m trying to create a ECommerce website using Webflow CMS, The Issue i’m having is i want to create a Product Filter where the user can filter the products based on certain criteria (Ex. Size, Color, Brand, Model). I created a simple filter using the Isotope / MixItUp Plugin Mix It Up Demo I Created but as you can see i cannot select multiple options, i can only select one at a time.

I’m trying to find a way to create a filter similir to this filter…

Filter Demo
Filter Documents

This seems possible, but i can’t find a way to give each item custom data for the script to filter the items. The script uses data-attributes like "Data-coulour=“red” but i noticed that Webflow likes to copy any class or attribute you give one item to every item in the list. This is making it difficult to find a way to give the products unique attributes to filter them by. I was hoping multi reference fields would work but it does not add anything unique to the list items HTML.

Do you know a trick that could allow me to give individual list items a unique tag/Attribute/class so i can create a filter script to filter the products?


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