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Adding form fields to check out


Been very happily playing around with building a protoype in webflow ecommerce.

When styling the checkout form I stumbled over the problem that you can not add any form fields or alter a check box default status.

With this it is not possible to have fo instance an agree to terms and conditions check box. Or to add a box for phonenumber…

Is this something that is just beta related, or will it stay like this?


@Marcel_Deelen you are right. Can’t find a way of adding a custom field like Accept all conditions.
Would be nice with a possibillity to add custom fiels from the Ecommerce to the check out page or any other page


I could not find it too. But, instead, I’ve added a div block under the “Place Order” button and inside add the following text & link: “Ordering this product indicates you agree with our terms and conditions