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Adding form fields to check out


Been very happily playing around with building a protoype in webflow ecommerce.

When styling the checkout form I stumbled over the problem that you can not add any form fields or alter a check box default status.

With this it is not possible to have fo instance an agree to terms and conditions check box. Or to add a box for phonenumber…

Is this something that is just beta related, or will it stay like this?


@Marcel_Deelen you are right. Can’t find a way of adding a custom field like Accept all conditions.
Would be nice with a possibillity to add custom fiels from the Ecommerce to the check out page or any other page


I could not find it too. But, instead, I’ve added a div block under the “Place Order” button and inside add the following text & link: “Ordering this product indicates you agree with our terms and conditions


I agree. I would love the ability to add form elements. For example, a field that a person can add their phone number, or a something like a “stage name” for artists and/or performers. I realize this is a wishlist item, so just adding my two bits.


@Big-Fish, this has been brought to Webflow’s attention already, but I do believe it is something that could be released with the Public release or very short thereafter.


For anti-fraud purpose, we need, in Europe, the phone number to be able to check if the person who bought the goods is the real one…at least it ha been asked by paypal or bluepaid So as tfor the ick box for “I agree,…”