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Adding Second Language, Hebrew and Currencies

Looking to add a second language to website, Hebrew and have two currencies, USD and Israeli Shekel.

Thanks in advance,

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi Bob,

There are few methods to create a multi language website. None of them yet is a native Webflow solution but some are really simple, and can answer your needs.
If you’ll use the search, you can find some explanations and even tutorials regarding multi language websites here in the forum.

I have created numerous multi language websites in Webflow, some of them are even Hebrew / English :smiley:

okay thanks! And regarding second currency?

Depends on your website / needs.
Is it is an online store, with checkout? or only price display?

an online store with checkout, what is currently available in USD

So I think that the best solution is foxycart. Search the forum, there are similar questions answered by the foxy team.