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Adjusted Section z-index, all following sections issue


Apologies for the vague title. To explain, I’ve adjusted the z-index of a section that contains a full screen, 100 vh slideshow to enable it to move under a blue bar above it as shown in the following link:

My issue, is every Section thereafter from now on - I have a gap below the slideshow section due to moving it up, the only option I can see is to make all preceding Sections Absolute so I can manually shift them up to close the gap?

Many thanks.

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Wow… I just recorded a video and realised that saying “Slideshow Section” is a real tongue twister! Try it! :joy:

Try and limit the number of sections you use. Think of them as chapters on a page. So for the slideshow, you only need 1 section, then div blocks can fill that section. If you use too many sections, it makes moving stuff later a little more complicated, in my opinion anyway.

You also don’t need the negative positioning in this instance.

Hope this helps…



Hi Mark,

Many thanks for taking the time to make the video - this is a huge help! Really appreciate it.

(I ended up saying sideshow slection…!)

I’ve followed the steps and its working great apart from now I have content from my menu going over the slideshow section as shown below:


My bad! Solved - I’d left some negative positioning in the mobile breakpoints.