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Advanced Mouse Over effect


Hey folks!

I’ve been familiar with the “Apple TV Effect” that I implemented several times.

But this time, I wanted to create a parallax effect between the Background and the Content. Like on the real Apple TV effect (Poster vs. Snowflakes) :arrow_heading_down:

But here what happens when I do that (Player pic vs. Content) :arrow_heading_down:


There is an unexpected masking effect that appears that I can’t get rid off.

Any idea how I could bypass this issue?

Let me know! :crossed_fingers:#fingerscrossed

Here is my site Read-Only:


Hello @laurentdesserre

Those couple effects are pretty nice, even the one you don’t want actually.

Anyway, I wanted to take a look at your site to see if I could help but the read only link is not working, can you re share it please?