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Advanced Webflow Forms - Multi Steps & Conditional Logic

Hi! Already posted in the facebook group yesterday, but figured someone may appreciate it here :slight_smile:

Let me introduce the Advanced Webflow Forms builder.

Use this builder tool to create advanced forms with conditional logic and multi steps in just a few clicks, without writing one single line of code!


  • Multiple steps with input validation
  • Additional options like alerts, custom interactions, displaying values, sending hidden forms, and much more.


  • Build workflows that show, hide, enable, disable, require or unrequire inputs depending on your logic.
  • Trigger custom animations when your conditions are met.

More features comming soon :grin:

I’ve tried to create this builder with no-code people in mind, just follow the steps and read the info when you want to add any functionality, the builder will generate the needed code for you. :muscle:

Play around with the builder and let me know if you find any bug, have a request, or need help using it.




MAN! Super congrats on this tool! I didn’t get the chance to put it to work yet but it looks great! It’s definitely going to come in handy to those who don’t fully grasp coding and etc

Would you be interested in open-sourcing this project? I would love to contribute to it when I get some free time from work.

I really enjoy helping our fellow webflowers that don’t like coding as much as I do :joy::joy:!

Hey man, appreciate your words!
I’ll give it a thought about open-sourcing it, thanks for the offer!!

Sounds good!! Feel free to shoot me a message if you want!

Also, I created the tool below for working with CSV imports and hooking them up to reference and multi-reference fields. Feel free to take a look and make use of it in case you need

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That tool looks great!

Hey Alex, I like your idea. Wondering if you can help with something slightly related. The “select field” element in the forms section of the toolbox, looks ugly. More specifically, the drop down arrow is VERY close tot he right border of the dropdown field, and there is no way to move it left to make it more balanced. Can you help?


A couple of issues.

  1. Conditional logic does not work for HTML embeds set with respective ID. (Not when wrapped within the embed, around the embed.

  2. When selecting “Start checked” within a Webflow form checkbox, AWF cannot read the field.



Edit: Looks like I got it working! Didn’t realize it could only hide form elements (like radio, checkbox, submit). Feature request to hide other elements within form (like HTML embed, images, etc) :purple_heart: