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Advice regarding e-commerce platform

Hi everyone. need some advise regarding choosing the right e-commerce platform. My client would like me to build him a landing page with a shop selling a monthly/yearly subscription for the product he’s selling. what would be the best e-commerce platform to use here? should I build the page using Webflow and embedding the e-commerce platform or should I build the would thing using the e-commerce platform without Webflow?
I really want to use Webflow here, but not sure that’s what the client needs.

Any advise here would be much appreciated.
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I hear you on wanting to use Webflow! So is it one product? Is the product online / required member only access to the site or is it fulfilled offline?

Hi @Naama,

If you are looking to use Webflow for subscription service product offerings, at this time the built e-com does not allow this feature. What you could do is use a service like to build out the subscription side of things which would allow for weekly, monthly, yearly, and even quarterly payment plans.

You can ask @DuncanHamra at MemberStack anything about his platform.

Also, the best would be to ask more specific questions about what the client is actually looking to accomplish. What kind of product/service are they wanting to sell?

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Hi @WebDev_Brandon and @HammerOz, thank you for your replies.
I’ll try to be more specific: the client has 2 products (it’s a medical equipment) which he would like to rent to his customers, on a monthly basis or on a yearly basis.

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TBH @Naama, to do any form of renting, you should just use Gumroad or another similar service. Since it is ONLY 2 products and you require a monthly/yearly rental, Webflow doesnt not offer natively (YET!) Subscription e-com service.

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Thanks @WebDev_Brandon, what about e-commerce platforms like Shopify?

Hi @Naama,

For Shopify Lite you could for a single product but not for subscription based product, you would still need a plugin on their min based plan of $29 for that to work. I wouldnt recommend it.

GumRoad would work for Subscription based products, which is what this is, and besides it is only 2 products.

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Otherwise, you could just link them to a PayPal or Stripe single product and then add the code to your site from there.

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Hi @Naama.
Josh from Foxy here. We have a seamless integration with Webflow and support subscriptions. More info can be found here: Let us know if you have any questions or need help getting started.


@Naama - can confirm that Foxy works wonderfully for subscriptions. Have them running for a client of mine and no complaints at all on my end!