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"Affect different elements" settings disappeared


i already tried backups from up to 7 days ago and they're all messed up (page was working fine and almost finished yesterday)
what happened? do i need to start over?

Preview issue | Not displaying correctly

can you help further explain what was working and and isn't working now?

screenshots would be nice if you have them.


yes, all the site's structure, on the editor it still looks good but when you click preview it gets messed up


try double checking your interactions. Make sure your elements have the correct interactions applied to it.


Hi @davidvillarreal96 somehow this interaction is either being set on the incorrect element or the settings itself have changed.

Can you please verify what the original interaction was set for, whether or not the settings have been changed, and if you think your interactions are working as expected?

We're working on fixing a bug right now that affects how interactions are behaving and this may be related. Please let me know what you find as soon as you can. Thanks!


Yesterday Preview was displaying my site correctly however, today it does not display my hero image section. What am I doing wrong?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Can you please share your read only link?


Hi @davidvillarreal96 this issue should be resolved now. If you've made changes to your site, please revert back to a recent backup, otherwise your IX should work as expected.

Can you please confirm?


I have the same problem was. Now it worked! Thank you very much!


i remade the site from scratch because it was easier than fixing that mess haha, the issue was in fact with the interactions, thanks to all of you




Hey. A few weeks ago I noticed on one of my projects every instance of "Affect Different Element" in my interactions had disappeared completely. All steps within the interaction appear to be intact however at some point the above checkbox had been unchecked and the chosen affecting element had been removed. needless to say on a site with 30+ interactions set up it has been — and still is — a nightmare to go back and fix.

This also happened on at least two more projects, thankfully with far fewer interactions.

Anyone else experience this?
@Webflow admin: did you do something a few weeks/month ago to potentially cause this to happen?


Hi @bartkowalski sorry for the trouble here - we've repaired this issue and it should be working as expected now.

Can you please try to restore a previous backup and let me know if your interaction settings come back?

If not, please send me screenshot of what you see on your end along with your console information.


Unfortunately I've worked on many many other things since I noticed this problem so rolling back isn't an option. I have a previous version which I'm going back to mimic the interaction options which at least eliminates trial-and-error.


I see - sorry for the trouble here. At this point the best that can be done is to manually update each interaction's "affect different elements" setting.

I'll be more careful to send notices to affected users in the future - we're implementing better methods on communicating this information across the entire platform (including bug fix updates and real time issues/errors)

In the meantime, please continue to share any other strange behavior - we monitor this channel 24/7 and look into every issue.