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Agh! Formatting in the rich text editor in CMS!


I don’t know about you guys, but having to constantly format simple text, copied from other sources into the CMS ‘Rich Text’ editor is driving me crazy!

When I copy in a paragraph of text, either the lines get separated into multiple different paragraphs and/or many of the words no longer have spaces between them. Sizing doesn’t work, bold/italics don’t work. I just spent over an hour re-formatting a full document and I’ve been ‘wasting’ time doing this for months/years.

And yes, I’m using MS Word. And yes, I realise the experience is much better with Google Docs. But like most of the global population who use word processing tools, I don’t use Google docs and I need to use MS Word for work purposes. How can Webflow ignore this!?

Beyond this, the functionality in the ‘Rich Text’ editor is so basic. I understand that there may be improvements on the horizon, but I heard this 18 months ago and nothing has changed (pasting images excluded).

The whole editor needs a major upgrade. If you want to vote for this, there’s a Wish in the Wishlist that’s gaining some traction. Here it is:

Any thoughts?


I agree. The rich text block leaves a lot to be desired. I haven’t had to use it much because the majority of my clients prefer me to make updates to their site/blog. However, I have one client right now that wants to be able to make her own updates. I sold her on webflow based on how much easier it is to use over wordpress. Then as I am designing I find out how buggy the rich text editor is. Simple features like being able to resize media being missing is a shame. Especially something that really is the heart of the CMS.


I know @dapitts08 . It is getting so frustrating now. I just expected improvements to come as time has gone on, but really there hasn’t been any since the CMS launch. It is the lack of compatibility with other programs that is simply causing most of the errors I think. I almost have to double my time estimate for the documents I write to take account of all the formatting I need to do when dealing with the CMS.