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Aligning this in the center of the column with floating


Hi guys,

I have a question and it's probably quite simple but I can't figure it out...
As you can see i have two columns placed in a section. The left sections with the two birds and text should be centered in the left column. The three objects all float to the left.

Below is my public link:

I hope someone can help me... smile

EDIT: I don't believe it's possible? I think a picture would achieve the desired effect!


I can't access your link. I don't see why it should not be possible. Please share it again and let me know.


Centering floating elements sounds strange...


@vincent @Tom I've found another solution! I had 3 left-floating objects. I combined them in an image and centered it. It gives the desired effect. Thanks for your replies anyways!


All roads lead to Rome I guess. Sounds pretty basic though, make sure to use the forum search. It works really well and you'll find many useful resources, like this one.