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All background images dissapeared

All the background images on the site disappeared: . They appear ok in admin.

Preview link:

you should share preview link

please share read-only (preview) link to be able see it in designer.
CleanShot 2020-10-06 at 21.08.48

what I can see you have images stack vertically (top to bottom) but you slide from right to left. That’s why you don’t see images. Try to set overflow: visible, publish it and check site if images are sliding under your slider container.

Everything worked without issues till a few hours ago. What happened now?

And the image above “When dream homes turn into nightmares - The harsh reality of owning holiday homes” it is not in any slider.

that’s odd. btw I saw in your jQuery have add 2 identical style classes to slider bar. Is there any reason for it? I do not understand JQ only JS so maybe it is correct. But this have nothing to do with images

did you tried place this bg-img in sliderContainer as it is wrapper to see if bg will show? So you can start from somewhere do debug ?

So it seems if you go and edit the background (tile, position) and republish it works

This is a very strange bug.

Hope this wouldn’t happen again. :metal:

Super annoying that now need to go through all and press one button for each.