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All forms on different pages of site send e-mails to different adresses


Hi there! Greetins from Belarus! :sunglasses::wave:

Maybe my question looks quite strange, but here it is:

Can I set up all forms on one page of my site send an e-mail to one adress, and all forms on the other page send mail to another adress?

I understand that I can set up every single form with Zapier, and make a new Zap every time, but I have 80+ forms on every page (yeap, I really need them :sweat_smile:), and it's very hard to give them different name on every page and set them up one by one with Zapier. Maybe there are any code, wich I can put in my page code and all forms will mail to special adress?

Here is my project:

Big thanks for the help! :relieved:

P.S. Sry for my English! I know it's bad :sweat: