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Alley-oop - Epsiode 002 | Sharing Webflow Projects


Hi Everyone :wave:,

This is Micah (aka mistercreate), and I created a separate forum account to help reduce the confusion between my Webflow staff account, and the Create Something account.


This account will be strictly for the fun, personally projects that I do.

Please note: anything within this account is not connected to the Webflow company, but rather for the endeavors of Create Something

Yesterday, at 12pm on the stage at KHDX in St Louis, MO, I gave a talk about @webflow! It was super exciting!

If you came by, I greatly appreciated it and it was an honor!

And, at 5 p.m. CST, we had the new episode of the “Alley-oop” where I talked about some of my @webflow projects and Integrations.

Take a look at