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Almost finished with my site, just a few problems

As I’m scrolling, the Navbar suddenly takes a larger width:

And looking at my website in it’s published form (It looks fine in preview), some spaces aren’t the same length.
For Example, from the bottom of the About Us section to Perks, I set the length to 80px, and it looks right:

but from the end of the paragraph to Our Team, I also set the length to 80px, but the length looks a lot bigger than what I set it to:

I hope everyone is staying strong and healthy with COVID 19 amidst us… Spreading love & not the virus <2

Here is my site Read-Only: My Site Read Only


Set Align row to: start as I show in the attach video.

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Thank you for making this video! It was extremely helpful & quick to fix.

I just need to meddle w/ and find a solution for the first issue now.


I couldn’t reproduce the first issue (the Navbar suddenly takes a larger width) - if you can elaborate or attach video showing the problem - that will help to help you :slight_smile:

Thank You! The video is in this link:

I tried looking at the published version/ live preview on my sister’s phone and it was there too. You have to try swiping horizontally a few times until it appears. Here is the live preview of my website: . The issue only pops up on tablet-mobile view.

I really appreciate the help. This may be my first Client. It’s extremely risky, but I was just going to show up and see if they wanted to buy the site. A lot of their marketing include their website, but it’s extremely outdated, and I know they’re losing clients because of this…


I call it over scrolling. Let me dive in - I’ll be with you shortly :slight_smile:


Try to Hide the footer and publish your site to see if the issue still existing